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  • Re: Unnamed Killer (SPOILER ALERT!)

    I think that the actual killer in "The Pale Horse", who masquerades as a repairman, a meter checker etc., is one and the same, and he is named, but the people who order the killings - people wanting to inherit from their victims, be free to marry, etc. - are not always named. Easterbrook finds some of their names - mostly last names fitting the victims' list - in the pub's register, but others are known to have died and we don't know who ordered their death. (by the way, in "Dead man's folly" we also know the killer's last name, because we know to whom she was married).
  • Re: Unnamed Killer (SPOILER ALERT!)

    TRIPLE SPOILER: Actually the "Student" in "Dead man's Folly" was identified in the end, by relationship if not by name. I don't remember other unnamed killers, but there were at least two criminal woment who took the place of kidnapped innocent young girls, who are not named: the woman who took the place of princess Shiasta in "Cat among the Pigeons", and the woman who took the place of the schoolgirl Winnie in the story "The girdle of Hyppolita" from "The Labours of Hercules". 
  • Re: Poirot's Brother!

    @Bcampos - Achille's existence isn't proven in Labours of Hercules - on the contrary.

    Dr. Burton says:

     "...you had a brother called Achille, did you not?"

      Poirot's mind raced back over the details of Achille Poirot's career. Had all that really happened?

      "Only for a short space of time," 

    Since the "Achille" that appears in "The big four" is grown-up, if he were a real person he could not have been Hercule's brother "For a short space of time". The inference is that he was imagined for a short space of time.

  • Re: Murder On The Orient Express Detail

    You are correct, Tommy. In the book the doctor wasn't in the car where the murder took place, and the steward eliminated anyone who wasn't in the car.
  • Re: in what year was nemesis set

    ChristieFanForLife , As I said above, "Nemesis" is supposed to take place less than a year and a half after "Caribbean Holiday". At the beginning of "Nemesis", when MM is remembering Jackson, Rafiel's attendant, she wonders if he stayed with Rafiel, and remembers it was a year and 3 or 4 months ago. "Caribbean Holiday" was published in 1964, which would bring "Nemesis" to 1966. Since AC wrote the book much later, she may have made a mistake about "Rosmary's Baby"'s date of publication, but she may be meaning to indicate that MM's memory for dates is not very firm, and actually the events in "Caribbean Holiday" took place more than a year and a half before "Nemesis".