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Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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  • Re: July : Book of the month?

    You might need a bit of Direction but I don't so please don't use the word "We" as you are factually inaccurate.
  • Re: July : Book of the month?

    Shana You pointed out that 3rd Girl was in a Conversation with Griselda which to me sounded as if you were saying I should not have entered the conversation, which I had every right to do, I only used the word "we" because someone else used it first., I suppose the answer is that I should not all conversations are collective and perhaps people shouldn't come to other People's defence.
  • Re: July : Book of the month?

    I didn't mean to sound as if I was offended by needing direction just that fact that "we" in that context included me which is what I took umbridge at by the way you are stepping into a conversation which is exactly what you accused me of doing.
  • Re: July : Book of the month?

    Shana I admit that perhaps if it was a private conversation I maybe shouldn't have stepped in but this is a public forum so I felt entitled to, Secondly, when I was told that I shouldn't use those words, were you There? If you were you remember things wrongly but it is a very outside chance that you were in the room isn't it?
  • Re: July : Book of the month?

    I am sorry if you found my Comment Rude but I was told on a Course that you should never use the words All, None, Always and never because it is insulting and Offensive to the Minority, I personally agree and I think it is, I didn't mean to offend you, I admit SOME people find ideas helpful and need direction but I am sure SOME like me don't, by using the word "WE" I felt you were including me which I was offeded and Insulted by, It is like saying everybody hates an Actress's portrayal of Miss Marple but in reality at lesast one person likes the Portrayal of any of the Actress's who have played Miss Marple.