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  • Re: Body in the library

    I have just realised Craddock is not the main sleuth that is Miss Marple, It would have been nice if he had a book to himself like Battle did and Race and Ariadne although the last 2 weren't sleuth's

  • Re: How do you see The Mysterious Mr Quin's ending story?

    I don't I think The Murderer would have found another way to bring the Victim into the Conversation and so give the suggestion that they should check on him. 
  • Re: How do you see The Mysterious Mr Quin's ending story?

    Perhaps Mrs Willetts asked Burnaby who would be good to have at a Party he suggested Mr Ryecroft and Mr Garfield and then primed the younger one to put the idea into the older one's gead knowing that he has an interest in these things.

    I meamt to say in my last post that If The Table Turning hadn't been suggested The Murderer wuld have found a different way to put The Victim in people's heads..

  • Re: How do you see The Mysterious Mr Quin's ending story?

    I can't remember if Mrs Willetts has prior knowledge of Burnaby if not perhaps when she was asking the Victim to come to one of her parties he said "No Thankyou Burnaby might like to though"

  • Sleeping Murder

    I am re-reading this Terrific Book now but this time something struck me as odd SPOILER ALERT!!!, when Gwen is talking to Miss Marple at the beginning Gwen Sys at one point the Captain of the Ship years earliern had Red Cheeks and then says he had a Beard (Perhaps the other way round), Miss Marple says she was describing two Voyages, Why couldn't The Captain have Red Cheeks and a Beard?