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  • Re: Death on the Nile Movie Casting

    GKCfan said:
    Now that we know that Kenneth Branagh will probably be returning as Poirot in Death on the Nile, please share your thoughts on who you think should be cast in the movie.

    Simon Doyle

    Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle

    Jacqueline De Bellefort

    Cornelia Robson

    Andrew Pennington

    Tim Allerton

    Joanna Southwood

    Mrs. Allerton

    Jim Fanthorp

    Rosalie Otterbourne

    Mrs. Salome Otterbourne

    Lord Windlesham

    Mrs. Van Schuyler

    Miss Bowers

    Colonel Race

    Signor Guido Richetti

    Mr. Ferguson

    Louise Bourget


    Dr. Bessner

  • Re: Death on the Nile Movie Casting

    Simon Doyle - Paul Bettany

    Linnette Doyle - Sharon Stone (Can't think of anyone else

    Jacqueline De Bellefort - Ruby Bental

    Maggie Smith - Mrs Van Schuler

    Emma Thompson - Mrs Bowers

    Immelda Staunton - Mrs Allerton

    Josh O'Connor - Tim Allerton

    Paul Ritter - Richetti

    Stephen Berkhoff - Dr Bessner

    Mark Rylance  - Communist Lord

    Oliver Milburn - English Lawyer

    David Soul - Pennington

    Adrian Scarborough - Dr Bessner

    Stephen Berkhoff - Pennington's Partner

    Martin Jarvis English Senior Lawyer

    Helen Grice Joanne Smallwood

    Agelina Jolie - Louise Bourget

  • Re: Death on the Nile Movie Casting

    Yes, she would be good.
  • Re: Death on the Nile Movie Casting

    Well they don't have to have the English Lawyers Uncle or the American Lawyers Business Partner (Played by Sam Wannemaker in the Ustinov Film amd they don't have to have Miss Robson's Mother and if they are going to have Poirot going onto the ship after there has been a Murder there is no need to have Race which means that rules out the person Race is after in the book but if Race is in it that rules out the English Lawyer like in the Ustinov Film and if things start on The Boat gone are Linnette's Servants apart from Miss Bourgette
  • Re: Death on the Nile Movie Casting

    It will still disgruntle people because who is a minor character to one person may not be to another, The Film didn't have the Allerton's who I think are important and the DS version didn't have Miss Bowers who I think is important  but the Film had the American Lawyers Partner and Linnette's Servants none of whom are important.