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  • Re: Swapping one Sleuth for Another - Christie "What If" Scenarios

    If Poirot had been in Body In The Library Hastings or Ariadne would have to be in it as we have both Bantry's so Probably Hastings would have to entertain Arthur while Poirot is getting evidence with the help of Dolly, with Death In The Clouds Miss Marple would have engaged the services of the Couple who assisted Poirot while also secretly getting the younger Archaeologist to shadow them just in case the Guilty Party played his hand too soon and tried to do harm to Miss Marple and the Girl, I have in the past in my mind wondered what it would be like if Miss Marple with or without Dolly or Cherry went to The Hotel in Evil Under The Sun and I have thought Calgary should have been introduced to Poirot by the Solicitor and Poirot solve it not Calgary, I would also have had The Beresfords or Lady Derwent and Bobby going down the Nile, The Latter 2 on Honeymoon.

  • Re: what is your favorite Poirot?

    I liked The Inclusion of Miss Lemon, Japp and Hastings, I love The Subplot, I probably would have liked it if it was without Japp, Hastings and Miss Lemon as I really ike Cat Among The Pigeons and After The Funeral but it was one of the last Episodes with all Four and I liked them, There are some Episodes and Books where I really wish at least one of the 3 would appear.
  • Re: what is your favorite Poirot?

    I am confused, Is The question about The Books with Poirot or the David Suchet series, I have said many times I haven't got a favourite of the Books, My FavouriteS are ABC Murders, Cards On The Table, Mrs McGinty's Dead, Cat Among The Pigeons, Death On The Nile, The Clocks and Evil Under The Sun, my Favourite ADAPTATIONS are all of those MINUS Cards ON The Table, I like The Afaptation of Evil Under The Sun because it has Hastings, Japp and Miss Lemon, I love The Film too.

  • Re: featuring Miss Marple

    Murder At The Vicarage could have had Rev Clement and Dr Haydock as his side-kick and The Moving Finger would have been better if Jerry and the Detective had solved it but Miss Marple went to the Lodge in Pocketfu of Rye TO investigate so it was importand she was the sleuth in that one.

  • Re: featuring Miss Marple

    Miss Marple isn't necessary in Murder At The Vicarage which could have been solved by Rev Clement assisted by Dr Haydock or Colonel Melchett and The Moving Finger could have been solved by Jerry and The Detective but the others need Miss Marple, why would Carrie Louise have's sister asked Miss Marple to stay with Carry Louise is Miss Marple wasn't going to solve it and Miss Marple being sent to Carrie Louise is a huge Motivational issue like Dolly Bantry calling on Miss Marple in Body In The Library and Jason Raphiel summoning Miss Marple from beyond the Grave.