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  • Re: NEW Murder on the Orient Express

    Wow!, I am glad I have decided to wait until the Film is premiered, I am not able to go to the Cinema but might have bought the DVD when it came out, I assume it is too near Christmas for it to be out before then, Thank goodness, If I am wrong I just hope a relative doesn't buy it for me, I am not even curious now, I agree Poirot would not put up with Racism, I really can't understand why the makers of Adaptations are so hell-bent on making Dramatic changes, It is an insult to the writer of whatever they are adapting in this case Agatha Christie, It is an insult to the fans of Agatha Christie and did any non-fans who go to see it a disservice and doesn't put the Directors amd Adaptors in a good light either, I agree with you I hope Brannagh doesn't choose to do Death On The Nile next, The Characters are brilliant and don't need tampering with nor does the excellent plot, after that Chronologically is Appointment With Death which refers to Murder On The Orient Express, I wonder how KB will meddle with that?
  • Re: What Poirot novels do you think would be better suited to Miss Marple?

    I Don't Think By The Pricking of My Thumbs could have anybody but Tommy And Tuppence but I do think if Ariadne was with him N or M would have been good with Poirot and If The Lawrence from the JH Adaptation of Nemesis had been a recurring Character with Miss Marple N or M would be good for her there has to be a Male sleuth and a Feale sleuth so if not Lawrence maybe Miss Marple could team up with Race.
  • Re: What is this story?

    Hastings and Ariadne were only together in the Film Dead Man's Folly, It isn't that, It is not a Film I have come across it might be an Adaptation of And Then There were None which has people who are LIKE Hastings and Ariadne, It might be a Spoof, It is ages since I saw Cluedo, It might be The Cat And The Canary, It might be Murder By Death

  • Re: Miss Marples short stories.

    I love the Majority of Miss Marple's Short Stories, there is only 1 I am not keen on, the others I either think are Excellent or just very Good or Good, I prefer most of Miss Marple's short Stories to Most of Poirot's I think, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  • Re: Agatha Christie: Cozy or Cruel?

    I think it depends on the subject matter and your point of view, I consider ABC Murders Cosy but (There is a sereal Killer taking advantage of the health of someone), I consider Body In The Library and Dead Man's Folly both cosy but in each case a Child is murdered, I think Cat Among The Pigeons is obviously cosy because of The 'Death of a Games Mistress' line, Ordeal By Innocense, Crooked House and Taken At The Flood are definitely not Cosy as the underlining messages are quite clear and Harsh, It all depends how they are written and the Adaptions have a part to play when making people they are Cosy or not, one Adaptation can have a Cosy treatment and another can have a Dark and I would say an unsympathetic treatment which only gives viewers the wrong idea about her work