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Just thought of a crazy idea - could THE CLOCKS and CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS be connected? The connection lies between Miss Eileen Rich in Cat Among the Pigeons and Harry Castleton in The Clocks... If you want ot know more, here's the link:  http://community.agathachristie.com/discussion/1075/link-between-the-clocks-and-cat-among-the-pigeons#latest


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  • Re: A change for good ?

    I think Agatha Christie may have changed her writing style for the Parker Pyne series because of more of an immersion in domesticity, as the time when "The Case of the Discontented Soldier" was written, was close to the time of her second marriage. Perhaps she also wanted to turn over a new leaf (as she did in the Mary Westmacott novels), but this time be recognised as its creator, doing so within her realm.
  • Re: Murder On The Orient Express Film [ Cast ]

    I’m strangely upset that they’ve taken the name of a slightly rebellious and overwhelmingly beautiful girl from “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas” and turned her into a missionary in “MOTOE”...
  • Re: what is your favorite Poirot?

    For some unfathomable reason, I have always enjoyed Evil Under the Sun. Perhaps it is because of the relish I get when seeing characters contorted and misrepresented in adaptations, or the sheer satisfaction of a (not entirely conventional) ingenious plot, which makes Poirot question the most basic and obvious of assumptions.
  • Re: What made Christie so successful?

    I would say one of the reasons was that her writing, no matter the decade it was written in, had imbibed in it the spirit of the twenties, and the uproarious and obstinate hope that it brought.
  • Re: What Poirot novels do you think would be better suited to Miss Marple?

    I agree, Tommy! I'd also, perhaps, like it if we had Miss Marple's involvement in The Adventure of Johnny Waverly, as an aunt of Mrs Waverly, perhaps...? Or a friend, former neighbour, something of the sort. I would have liked to see her views on the kidnapping on children and her insights into Tredwell and Miss Collins.