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Just thought of a crazy idea - could THE CLOCKS and CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS be connected? The connection lies between Miss Eileen Rich in Cat Among the Pigeons and Harry Castleton in The Clocks... If you want ot know more, here's the link:  http://community.agathachristie.com/discussion/1075/link-between-the-clocks-and-cat-among-the-pigeons#latest


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  • Re: Guess the Quote

    Is it from Peril at End House?
  • Re: Guess the Quote

    It reminds me of Gina from They Do It With Mirrors. I think it was behind a photograph or in a letter or something of that sort.
  • Re: Unnamed Killer (SPOILER ALERT!)

    She was identified by relationship, but I meant a killer who was unnamed in the sense that his or her name was not mentioned. While the pseudo-Shaista and the woman who pretended to be Winnie are unnamed, they aren't killers - however, there is one more killer I remember who is unnamed. In Partners in Crime, the SPOLER 'policeman' who is supposed to have killed the actress is unnamed. However, I can't seem to remember any more killers whose names are not mentioned at all throughout the novels they appear in....
  • Unnamed Killer (SPOILER ALERT!)

    Hi all!
    I've recently re-read Dead Man's Folly, which, though one of Dame Christie's simplest fare, was certainly quite enjoyable. For those who've read it, the killer (or rather, the accomplice) SPOILER ALERT was not named by Dame Christie at all, was she? She was only referred to as a student or a hitchhiker... I was wondering, as a matter of curiosity, if there were any other killers whose names were never mentioned in the stories they appeared in.

    I can think of at least one more...
  • What Poirot novels do you think would be better suited to Miss Marple?

    I read certain Poirots recently and realised how much better suited Miss Marple would have been as the detective.
    Which ones do you think fall under this category?
    (Before Christie purists, one of which I am, pick up the pitchforks - this is just speculation!)