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  • Re: homosexuality

    Nemesis (along with "The Clock Strikes Twelve") deals with an unhealthy kind of love, where love could go when taken to the extreme -- obsessive love. It's a theme that Christie often explored throughout her career but in Nemesis she shows how far and dark it could get. A flawed book but beyond that it's one of Christie's finest of her later books.
  • Re: what is your favorite Poirot?

    Right now my favourite book Poirot book is "The Hollow". My favourite Movie is the old "Evil under the sun" and my favourite actor who played Poirot is Albert Finney. I'm sure these selections won't be very popular.
    They may not be popular in the eyes of many Christie fans but I respect your opinion. Speaking of The Hollow, it's one of my favorite Poirot books as well. Poirot visits the country and we get funny comments from him such as a dislike of trees because they have a habit of dropping their leaves. The novel has deep characterization that is beautifully written throughout and we have a good mystery to boot. How can anyone not like it? The Hollow is not your typical Poirot and that's probably why many don't take a liking to it.
  • Re: what is your favorite Poirot?

    I love how in Evil Under The Sun, the book that is, Poirot compares the tanned, bronzed bodies lying in the sun to slabs of meat on the butchers table. Only Poirot can make such an odd simile. Good use of humor yet dark at the same time.
  • Re: what is your favorite Poirot?

    I didn't care much for the Evil Under The Sun adaptation with David Suchet. I didn't care much of the inclusion of Hastings and Miss Lemon. I didn't mind the use of Japp (though having Poirot work with Colonel Weston would've been a bit better and made more sense) but cramming the former and using the ridiculous subplot of Poirot being medically obsese and changing the Jolly Roger Hotel to a health resort instead, all these silly inclusions took away the attention of the other characters, which I felt were lacking. The guest actors didn't stand out. Instead of Hastings and Miss Lemon, how about putting Mr. & Mrs. Gardner back in, using them for some comic relief instead of depending on the trio for that most of the time? This film could have been so much better and it felt like they played too safe, depending too much on Hastings and Lemon instead of letting them go and allowing Poirot to be by himself for a change. When Five Little Pigs aired, the series was a breath of fresh air. The series by the time of Evil Under The Sun became rather stale. Too bad the quality of the series after Five Little Pigs (along with Sad Cypress and The Hollow which were superb) in season 9 had more misses then hits. But the series was in definite need of a change but more care should've been considered because stories like Orient Express, Curtain, Appointment With Death, Death On The Nile, Cards On The Table should have been better then they were.  
  • Re: Hickson Vs all the other Jane Marples

    eeriechen said:
    I have to say I liked Joan Hickson as Miss Marple, but not as much as much as Geraldine McEwan. She did not have the lovable warmth that the others had and the BBC TV series was a little turgid compared to the ones that Margaret Rutherford, Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie were in. There has been so much hype about Joan Hickson being the best Muss Marple, that I  must now upset the apple cart,  whilst putting the record straight at the same time. I believe Geraldine McEwan was the best Miss Marple and the series was excellent.  
    I respectfully disagree. With respect to the late Geraldine McEwan, I must say that some actors just aren't suited for certain roles and I have to state that in this instance this is the case. McEwan was too impish and she looked as though she was sneaky. This is not Miss Marple at all. Miss Marple from the books had a Victorian attitude and had her Victorian ways and I just don't see Geraldine McEwan's Miss Marple having this in the series. She appeared to have taken on more of a modern -- more likely 21st century -- approach to certain things. This Miss Marple has an affair with a married soldier . . . and she KNOWS that he's married! This is not what Jane Marple would do. She had suitors as a young woman but she would never have had an affair with a married man! It's not in keeping with Miss Marple's character.