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  • Fantastic. Far better than the live action version
  • Thanks. After posting the question I went back and read the last part and think I that yes, she was innocent of any involvement. It was just that at the beginning they say she has been working for him for some years, but I suppose it is set over a d…
  • taliavishay-arbel said: ChristieFanForLife said: @taliavishay-arbel, the divorce/marriage subplot with Arbuthnot was conceived from the 1974 film.  I see. I'll have to look at it again. But in that case, why did Branagh need to…
  • Excellent. Is the Head Miss Rich at that point?
  • Having just finished Cat Among the Pigeons I now wonder how the school develops. It obviously gets back on track, but what direction does it take. Also what happens to the Upjohn girl and does the other one become a tennis pro, because although she …
  • By 'in on it' I mean did she know he was the son and air?
  • I really enjoyed this, however I can't work out if the secretary was in on it?
  • Finished this last night. A good, fun novel IMO. Have to pitch in on the knee thing. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that Poirot has had ample experience of women during his youth back in Belgium before the war. After all, when we first meet him in S…
  • I do find the concept of a crime novelist writing a novel where an otherwise infallible detective gets it wrong, but presents it in the novel as him getting it correct, leaving only the tiniest of clues as to the correct solution, very beguiling. I …
  • Just finished Hickory Dickory Dock and I have to agree the Valerie/Mrs Nik link is somewhat out of the blue and the whole criminal enterprise a little far fetched. I also have an idea that a few of these later Poirot novels have only had Poirot cro…