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  • I do find the concept of a crime novelist writing a novel where an otherwise infallible detective gets it wrong, but presents it in the novel as him getting it correct, leaving only the tiniest of clues as to the correct solution, very beguiling. I …
  • Just finished Hickory Dickory Dock and I have to agree the Valerie/Mrs Nik link is somewhat out of the blue and the whole criminal enterprise a little far fetched. I also have an idea that a few of these later Poirot novels have only had Poirot cro…
  • It's a very good point, where is there left for adaptations to go. Suchet having done the entire cannon in a more or less faithful way has closed that avenue for a generation. The darkness of murder seems to be the theme currently and they emphasise…
  • Dr Sheppard, it was quite some time ago that I read it. I am working my way through all Poirot novels in the order of publication, getting through about 4 or 5 a year and am currently reading Dead Mans Folly, just to give you an idea of quite how lo…
  • I know I'm a bit late to this one, but I saw a documentary on Sly Arts where the hypothesis (?) was that poirot got it wrong. Dr Sheppard took the fall to protect his sister. I initially thought it was a load of old hooy but I can't get the idea tha…
  • Poirot as an ex priest drew howls of derision from some of those I watched it with. I think Rupert Grint did well and I agree, JM would make a better murdered. On the whole I think it was ok
  • Didn't the Mail also condem the recent Peter Rabbit film as a radical vegan polemic? No? Seriously though, adaptations of this kind are, as I think should be clear by now, only ever going to be 'based on' or 'adapted from'. The story is interpreted …
  • Just seen the trailer. Poirot seems to have picked up a Scandinavian accent, and, yet again, appears to have traded his vanity and unerring selfassuredness for some form of gloomy pathos. Still expect to enjoy it anyway
  • Obviously too much time on my hands.
  • Having been highly disappointed with Ken's attempt of a film I went back and re read the novel. Even in the baking heat of this English summer I could feel the freezing Balkan winter. It is simply a joy to read. I sometimes think they shouldn't both…