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  • Apart from his problem of having been involved in a brutal (if somewhat justified) murder.
  • Wasn't Arbuthnots problem that he had grounds for divorcing his wife but couldn't let his liasion become public knowledge not only for reputational damage (mainly to his lady friend) but also to prevent his wife having grounds to divorce him. On sec…
  • I don't disagree, but in the context of a film where they need to very quickly get that sense of caution across in the relationship without the need for time consuming explanation, race was a better vehicle for todays audience. Hopefully at the very…
  • Ok, saw Ken's film last night. In the interests of full disclosure, I am a lover of the Finney version, I think it is excellent. I approached this new version with a mixture of excitement and fear. In general I am a fan of Ken's work, but here, well…
  • I think it was good entertainment but I see your point. Also, as said above, if it had more changes and a different title but was presented clearly as 'being inspired by' then it may have been clearer to the viewer, but even in that scenario most Ch…
  • I really enjoyed the tv series. I think there has to be some leeway given to screen writers, and to expect every adaptation to be direct carbon copy of the original is unreasonable. To see how X director and X screen writer interprets ideas is a lot…
  • I think five little pigs is excellent. Have to agree about the Hollow, I found it quite a drudge to get through and the whole feel of the book was laboured. I only read Sad Cypress last year but have no memory of it at all. That probably speaks for …
  • Not too sure whats going on above, but if this is still the 'worse Poirot novel' thread its got to be the big 4, surely.
  • Finished Endless Night yesterday, I thought it was pretty good. Despite the bizarre coincides that turned out to be more or less irrelevant, like the Hardcastle woman having known Ellie before and having been married to one of her trustees (was that…
  • Ah, thank you. I do still have it somewhere. Maybe I'll revisit Miss Marple once I've read all the Poirots, but although I really enjoy Mr Quinn, I read the Secret Adversary and, to put it politely, couldn't believe it was by the same author, so I a…