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  •  Well, I do indeed have a side by side "Death Comes As The End" screenplay for "Death on the Nile."  [Really? Tommy_A_Jones  @Tommy_A_Jones Really? An insult?       "Ptah-Fooey!" Comment dismissed. I'm not interested in Sherlock Holmes: never ha…
  • hot-pressed Cuban sandwich with capers. Chocolate drizzled over a liege Belgian waffle. To drink, a strawberry smoothie.
  • Okay! I looked at it and clicked the pipe and typed Dr. Arbuthnot and nothing showed up. I even clicked on the Godiva chocolate and typed in Hercule Poirot. If I need a spolier to figure it out, why bother? Am I supposed to write Hector MacQueen on …
  • @Dr.Sheppard wow! That's dark. Thank you. Goodbye, Archie! Just like that. Even though, Mary Westmacott exaggerated her ex husband's persona, by making him a great composer, she must have resented his betrayal, however she kept on punishing him for…
  • Settings: (rooms) The Mysterious Temple of Styles The Gazebo of Nemesis The Palace of St. Mary Mead The Isle of Enderby Castle The Mystical Tree at Cypress The Secret Passage to Chimneys The Gossington Spider's Web The Cables Crooked Apothecary The…
  • There were ten little grey cells playing on the space mansion game board.           Ten little grey cells will have seen a marvelous sign; one thought it was time (to go) and then there will have been nine...            Nine little grey …
  • “Dear, Mister Poirot, you are not so clever as all that A.B.C. I bet you cannot expect what happens next. X.Y.Z. I expect next time you might watch out where you were going. -X.”
  • The Game: In the Jungle of the Nile, where all the detectives: [Poirot, Marple, Tommy, and Parker (just to name a few)] of the Agatha Christie Universe each individually stumble upon a unique vessel (that looks like a nautilus sea shell) and ins…
  • Oh, my gosh! I do hope that the plot has twists and turns and perhaps goes back into ancient Egypt with a book like Death Comes as the End. Like a big giant Atlas cloud super plot mystery that all comes together. Sherlock Holmes movies are modern.…
  • Hart to Hart.