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The Agatha Christie Festival was really enjoyable; having attended nine main events and visited linked activities, it was a week to remember. Most enjoyable was the visit to Burgh Island for lunch, followed by the First Editions experience and Cream Teas at Greenway.


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  • Update to my previous comments:  In the list I mention, on my blog, there are 15 USA titles of which 11 are UK duplicates. The USA titles are denoted with '*', duplicates have corresponding UK list number. The Mary Westmacott book is denoted with '*…
  • While I've been attending the Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, I made sure I had a further visit to Greenway. In the library, there are 98 Bantam Books on the shelf. I did not go through and check all the titles but felt the number, 98, was sign…
  • Can I advise you that there are a number of Agatha Christie book clubs in London - I travel to one myself. They normally eight friends who meet once a month. If you search FaceBook, you can find them and ask to be invited.
  • bedesmen said: Search under my username and you will all see my comments about the Bantam collection. Thank you for your additional information regarding the Bantam books. I have read the article and will use it to enhance the informati…
  • @ccchristie Not to my knowledge. 
  • @Peter I have been trying to put together a comprehensive list of the Agatha Christie novels in the Bantam Book collection. As there is some confusion as to how many books there are, my list may not be complete, but I have searched on a number of w…
  • @rabbity300 I have been 14 times and will go again in the future. Every six months the cast changes and the play takes a new turn as the new cast put their own interpretation on the character they play. When the Agatha Christie Society arranged visi…
  • Hi @Anma5524, I hope this helps, but there is no name for the piece of music. The music score for the 2013 film was created by Christian Henson. He is the musical director for a number of Agatha Christie films about that time. Notes taken from IMDb:…
  • @Ackroyd I'm left wondering if you have read the novel. The setting of the story is in Kings Abbot, perhaps a typical English village with its mix of residents, from wealthy to less well off that run most of the community activities. There …
  • @stephen The Big Four (SPOILER ALERT) The Big Four are: No 1 Li Chang Yen, the Chinese leader of the group and never leaves China; No 2 Abe Ryland, an American Soap King; No 3 Madam Olivier, a French Scientist; No 4 Claude Darrel, an obscure …