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The Agatha Christie Festival was really enjoyable; having attended nine main events and visited linked activities, it was a week to remember. Most enjoyable was the visit to Burgh Island for lunch, followed by the First Editions experience and Cream Teas at Greenway.


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  • @taliavishay-arbel That's a relief, I've spent the afternoon re-reading the book and found nothing.
  • @chrisjrock I was trying to find the quote in the novel, but no luck as yet. The clip you provide is where we discover that Raymond Boynton is depressed with life under his onerous stepmother, who tries to control the lives of all of her ‘chil…
  • @neeko Let's see if I can answer your query. The first novel Hastings appears in is The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1916), where it is possible to estimate that he was born in 1886, and although age is never discussed for this character, it is pos…
    in Curtain Comment by Dr.Sheppard May 12
  • @Luke Thanks for this. It is an excellent website to visit, for all movies / TV programme.
  • Can I add to the list: The Market Basing Mystery - 'The rabbit has a pleasant face ...' (Quoted in full by Hastings),  N or M? - 'Goosey Goosey Gander',  How Does Your Garden Grow? - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary How does your garden grow,  Four and T…
  • @taliavishay-arbel interesting comments. I have read the story a few times and recently to have it fresh in my mind when I watched the adaptation. My review is on Sarah Phelps' adaptation; SPOILER - Rachel has tried to stop the children from experie…
  • Ordeal of Innocence. Comments of the Sarah Phelps adaptation for TV. SPOILER The title is there to describe the troubles of the young children who are protected by an overpowering mother. They are all innocent of the real world that they are tr…
  • Miranda said: What a load of old clobbers!    I've read on a TV forum that there were loosed ends left dangling all over the place.  Dame Agatha would never have stood for that! The loose ends were at the end of episode 2 and all were res…
  • Based on the first of three episodes, it is evident that Sarah Phelps has taken her accustomed darker, sinister approach to the story interpretation. Arthur Calgary prepares to be trod on and suppressed by the Argyle family members as he is unsure w…
  • Thanks for the link. Quite a strange programme: Boswell put some facts into a story of make-believe. I'm not sure I could listen to this as a weekly programme.