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CHAPTER I It was a hot summer afternoon in America. It was one of those days you know when you get the feeling of  just  wearing shorts, drinking a glass of juice and lazing around the whole day.That is exactly the same feeling that Sam was having. Sam was a twenty one year old tall guy with a lean body, black hair and brown hazelnut eyes. He had just finished his graduation and had returned home the day before yesterday. And today, when he had decided that he would do nothing but lie down on the couch and watch tv, his telephone rang. "Hello" said Sam. "hey buddy!! it's me! Bobby!!" Bobby was Sam's best buddy since school days. Bobby was one of your typical everyday guys.  He was of average height with okay looks.He was not as handsome as Sam, but he made up for that factor with his charm. If you would observe the back of his ear carefully, you would see that he has a scar over there. No one quite knows how this scar came there but it's just always been there. "hey! how are you?? how have you been? and how's Summer? and how's Rob?" "whoa whoa chill! they're all fine. And guess what! I and Summer are getting engaged two weeks from now!" Summer was Bobby's girlfriend since the last few years. She was a very pretty girl of about the same height as that of Bobby. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Her face was in oval shape and she gave about an aura of friendliness. People loved being friends with Summer because she could instantly make the person feel comfortable. Robert was Bobby's cousin and only living relative and family ever since Bobby's mom and dad died in a plane crash. Robert could be described easily in one word and that was handsome. Robert was truly very handsome with distinctive features which made him more attractive. Robert, Bobby and Sam were three best friends who used to always hang around with each other. When Bobby's parents were alive they used to laze about in Bobby's backyard pool and eat all the sandwiches made by his mother.They fondly used to call themselves as the trio team. "WOW! That is awesome man!! where is the engagement gonna be held??" "It's gonna be held in a villa in New York. I'll give you the exact address later. And how is Vanessa? And when are the two of you gonna get hitched?" Vanessa was Sam's girlfriend. Vanessa was the "it" girl of her college. Boy's were constantly hovering around her trying to impress her but she never paid any attention to them. She was completely loyal to Sam and Sam to her. "haha, even we don't know. Probably in the next 100 years" "lol people. Get married. Anyway I have to go now for some engagement preparations, you know. I'll call you in the evening?" "okay, cool bye" "bye".


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