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Hickson Vs all the other Jane Marples



  • YorkyYorky Huddersfield, England Fan
    Joan Hickson looks shrewd, Geraldine McEwan looks crafty. A personal impression.
  • a1kea1ke Ireland Fan
    Love all Agatha Christie novels.  For me Margaret Rutherford wins hands down as Miss Marple and David Suchet as Poirot.
  • dave01dave01 Germany Fan
    edited January 2018
    In Germany, Miss Marple is associated with Margaret Rutherford and Poirot with Peter Ustinov. I don't think they broadcasted any of the other versions on a major channel here, at least I've never seen it. I will try to watch the Joan Hickson movies next. Still I wish there were more movies with Rutherford and wonder why they didn't make more. I only read on IMDB that the fourth one wasn't that successful at the box office, so maybe that is the reason?
  • One of the things they did badly was to give Margaret Rutherford the role of Miss Marple in a Poirot story, and then in a non Agatha Christie narrative. I think viewers wer annoyed by it.
  • One of the things they did badly was to give Margaret Rutherford the role of Miss Marple in a Poirot story, and then in a non Agatha Christie narrative. I think viewers wer annoyed by it.
    It's just as annoying as the recent Miss Marple episodes, not only inserting her in stories that originally didn't have Miss Marple but being totally unfaithful to the stories themselves, both from the Marple books and the ones without. 

    “People in the dark are quite different, aren’t they?”  ― A Murder Is Announced 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't personally think you can compare The MR Films with the ITV MARPLE Series, the MR Films were of their time and Fun and were not unsympathetic to the Books or Fans and the 2 Poirot Books that were done were ones that could easily be Miss Marple Books but the Books ITV chose to catapult Miss Marple in were not ones Miss Marple suited at all, I also liked the idea Miss Marple had a side-kick in Mr Stringer, I didn't find the MR Films annoying one little bit but I felt the Non Miss Marples that ITV put Miss Marple in very insulting with the possible exceptions of The Curious Case of The Caretaker and By The Pricking of My Thumbs
  • SalisburyPlayhouseSalisburyPlayhouse Salisbury Investigator
    If you're a fan of Margaret Rutherford and can get to Salisbury you're in for a treat!

    Agatha Christie turns sleuth to uncover a real-life mystery in a comedy thriller, Murder, Margaret and Me, coming to Salisbury Playhouse from 1 to 24 February.

    Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford, two of our greatest and most celebrated national treasures, should never have been friends. But they were. Their paths crossed when they found themselves at the heart of one of British cinema’s most successful franchises. However, the Miss Marple films almost didn’t get made.

    Agatha didn’t want Margaret to bring her precious spinster to life and Margaret was mortified at the thought of upsetting her fans with something as sordid as murder. But this wasn’t her only reason for resisting the part.  Margaret had a terrible secret. One that she’d lived with for a lifetime.

    Murder, Margaret and Me is a story of friendship in the long-lost world of the silver screen. As Agatha and Margaret play tug of war with Marple, Agatha (being a woman who wasn’t without a secret or two herself) unearths the shocking truth buried in Margaret’s past.

    For more details, visit the Salisbury Playhouse website.

  • margomargo Palma de mallorca Fan
    For me the best and only miss  Marple
    Is Joan Hickson.
  • ninasavageninasavage Toronto Fan
    edited February 2018
    I agree about the ITV scripts; some were appalling. I can't believe the Christie estate allowed these adaptations. Poirot was served better I believe and Suchet was great. Myself, I loved the later Poirot shows as they had fabulous settings and costumes. I loved McEwan as Marple. I found Joan Hickson too stern and Julia McKenzie too sweet. Some of the ITV shows were good.but I hated when they inserted the character of Miss Marple into stories she had never been in before. And some of the "modernizing" was ridicuous. And I really hated the new Witness for the Prosecution. Who are these people? The writing was soap opera
  • paule1980paule1980 Swansea Investigator
    I must say in their own way I love them all. Joan Hickson will always be the face I think of when I picture the character, but I grew up watching her. I disagree with those that dislike the majority of ITV scripts, they wanted to update them for a modern audience, most fans will have seen the Hickson adaptations. The only real disaster was Why didn't they ask Evans, others like Murder is Easy and The Pale Horse I see as improvements. A shame McEwan didn't get to complete the series.
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