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What was the first Agatha Christie adaptation you ever saw on television?



  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    Until it was released on DVD, I'd only seen one episode of "Partners in Crime."  My local Blockbuster Video had one VHS copy of the episode "The Unbreakable Alibi," which I rented in the early 1990's.
  • mstrsims2 said:
    I think it may have been the Partners in Crime from the 1980s.   I remember liking it but not loving it, and thinking it was a bit silly...but yet going back each week to watch the next one (PBS  Boston).  I had been a Christie fan, since my teen years, from reading the books.    Over time I have come to appreciate Partners series more--especially after seeing some of the 21st century adaptations.  
    The 21st century adaptations of The Secret Adversary and N or M were awful! The series was so bad that it was cancelled. They don't hold a candle to the feel of the 1980s Partners In Crime series. And I feel that it will be the best Tommy & Tuppence series that we're going to get in a very, very long time! When I first watched the 80s series, I had to get used to the look and feel of the series but overtime you get used to it, and like you said, after seeing the new T&T films and other recent Christie adaptations, you come to appreciate the older series. I said this many times before but I wish Francesca Annis and James Warwick would return to film the remaining stories: N or M?, By The Pricking Of My Thumbs, and Postern Of Fate  It's time they come back. They are the right age and it's time to complete what they started all those years before. 

    “People in the dark are quite different, aren’t they?”  ― A Murder Is Announced 
  • Linnet RidgewayLinnet Ridgeway Davao City, Philippines Investigator
    Let me scan my  brain vault,  from what I remember the very first one would be, Mysterious  Affair At Styles. I like how the story progressed and now I am hooked that Belgian man got me using my gray cells.
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    Interesting– I like seeing how different fans were introduced to Christie.
  • PeterJKHPeterJKH Investigator
    The first I remember was " Why didn't they ask Evans", must have been early '80's. Here in The Netherlands it was broadcasted in 3 or 4 episodes, and I remember discussing it with a girl in my class who was also a Christie-fan.
  • paule1980paule1980 Swansea Investigator
    Death on the Nile, we had a VHS recording which I wore out, think that's where my obsession with Christie came from.
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    I have a lot of Christie movies on VHS.  I never got DVD versions of most of them.
  • paule1980paule1980 Swansea Investigator
    I'm starting the Blu Ray collection now, Death on the Nile, looks incredible, it's a great transfer
  • GKCfan said:
    I have a lot of Christie movies on VHS.  I never got DVD versions of most of them.
    In most places, you can find a lab that will copy vhs's to dvd's. I actually have the equipment at home, but I live in Jerusalem, Israel... probably far away from you.
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