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The Winners!



  • joshjosh London Fan
    edited July 2017
    Congratulations to the winners..!!

  • GeniaPerieraGeniaPeriera UK Investigator
    Congratulations to you all !!!!! The funny thing is I tried the same way, but as I thought the murderer was linked to the novel,  I couldn't work it out (obviously :D). Great game, great creator and wonderful "partners in crime".
    Congrats investigators! I hope we'll all be back soon ! ;)
    Yep! I'll stick to your congrats, cause they are the same I wanted to say :P 
    Nothing flies into the mouth of this sleeping fox
  • peterkevinn1987peterkevinn1987 new york Fan
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  • JimmyDoorJimmyDoor USA, Montana Investigator
    I like it too, my congratulations and will recommend to friends!!!
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • EleciaWilsonEleciaWilson Portsmouth Fan
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  • charlescrosscharlescross London, UK Fan
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