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Save the Torquay Pavilion and Cary Green

There is a terrible occurrence that is set to happen to one of the most important buildings concerned with Dame Agatha Christie other than Greenway. The Torquay Pavilion is where Agatha was proposed to by Archie Christie. It adjoins Cary Green to which there is the only statue of D. Agatha Christie in the World. At this moment there are greedy multi million dollar developers and town council officials including the Mayor of Torbay who are planning to remove the pavilion for a fourteen floor flat high rise and turn Cary Green into a parking area. This destruction must stop. With enough people opposed to this ghastly plan something can be done indeed. Once a building like this is removed it can never be brought back again. Do this for the memory of the great lady who has brought so much pleasure to so many and save Britain's past for the betterment of the future. Do visit these websites and help save the Torquay Pavilion, Cary Green and Agatha Christie legacy. Send a message to those who have already begun to fight that you are with them... https://www.facebook.com/SaveCaryGreen/         https://www.facebook.com/TorquayPavilion/   

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  • MattNMattN Torquay Fan
    There are several mistakes in what you have written. Archie Christie didn't propose to Agatha at The Pavilion, it was back at her home at Ashfield following a concert at the Pavilion.
    There are two statues of Agatha Christie, the second bust is in London's Theatreland and was opened in 2012 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of The Mousetrap.

    Finally and most importantly, there is no plan to remove The Pavilion. It's a listed building. The plan is to restore it and have it as a reception, bar, restaurant and concert hall attached by a bridge to a new hotel, that would be built on the car park next to the Pavilion.   
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