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Day Nine

We are getting close to the end.  After today, only three more to go!


Here is today’s picture:

Just so you know, it’s not from a book cover or an adaptation of Christie’s work.


This clue may be a little tough, so read it carefully: This image accompanies an anecdote on the website where the making of one of Christie’s stories is discussed.  In that story, a suspect befriends the detective.  On the webpage where the full-size version of this image is found, the character in question’s name is misspelled.  What is the correctly-spelled last name of this character?


Got that?  Good!  Find that picture!    


  • klauroseklaurose Investigator
    haha, a good one :D
  • misstulipmisstulip Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Investigator
    Another one I'm stuck on. Ugh. 
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    This is a bit tricky– remember, this isn't a book cover, so look in some unusual places.  Hopefully, exploring the website will help you learn a lot more about Christie and her life.
  • misstulipmisstulip Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Investigator
    Thank you!
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