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Day Six

We are at the halfway mark!  Enjoying the game?


Here is the sixth picture:

Today’s clue is, There are a few pairs of siblings in this story– one of these pairs contains an adult brother.  What is the last name of the brother in this pair of siblings?


Good luck finding this picture!


  • klauroseklaurose Investigator
    I almost gave up on this, even though it was right in front of my eyes. I feel a bit dumb now. :D
  • misstulipmisstulip Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Investigator
    Well Bob's your uncle! Glad you found it!
  • poemaspoemas brazil Fan
    para quienes conviven contigo querrán ser como 
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  • Kaitykatedn13Kaitykatedn13 Denver Fan
    edited June 2018
    Thank you for sharing. It's really funny 
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  • famitofufamitofu united states Fan
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