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Emma Stone and Alicia Vikander set for rival Agatha Christie biopics

GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
I don't know about these projects.  There have been biopics floating around for years that aren't supported by the estate, and who knows what will happen to these potential films.



  • HerculeAndAchilleHerculeAndAchille Harrogate, England ✭✭✭
    Thanks @GKCfan! What I found odd was that the article stated they wanted to portray her 'in her formative years as a “proto-feminist” unhappy with traditional wife-and-mother expectations'. An odd choice, in my opinion, since nothing about her really suggests proto-feminism (though feminism was known in her era, under a different name, yes - proto-feminist would be the wrong choice of words). And I don't think traditional expectations of her worried her very much!
    Though I do want to see a biopic of Agatha Christie, I would seriously suggest sticking to the facts (obtained from her autobiography, as well as Sir Mallowan's, or her occasional diaries and notebooks. Her Mary Westmacotts also may be quite useful)
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