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New Agatha Christie Group on Facebook

Hi everybody ! Like you, i'm a fan of Agatha ! I just started a group on facebook call: Les amateurs d'Agatha Christie / Fans of Agatha Christie. I hope this can be a little space for sharing our passion. We never have enough of Agatha. For now, it is a small group but feel free to join it just to see or to share stuff related. You are welcome ! I'm a french guy so...the group is in french but also a little english too 


  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    This sounds like it is going to be good, because the more opportunities to chat the better.
  • Madame_DoyleMadame_Doyle USA ✭✭✭
    @Griselda - be careful what groups you join on FB about Agatha Christie.  There is a group out there who will reel you in and you won't be able to get rid of them.  I had to open a case with FB because I was added to groups constantly, maybe 50 per week, and the same individuals haunt these groups.  Also, a minor (or underage) person poses as an adult and runs some of the pages, which makes me nervous, and so I left the groups because of the content and dubious ages of these people.

    @InspectorJapp - I hope your group is successful and that you are very careful about the profiles accepted.  Agatha Christie could get a bad name from some of the people and content, and I half except to see a group emerge called Donald Trump Fans Love Agatha Christie!

    That's the reason why I join with Griselda in requesting better moderation of this official group and a more quality place for fans to join for worthwhile discussion.  When these "grass roots" groups start forming clubs in tribute to someone, you never know what is really going on.  This forum should be a safe place, but unfortunately it's sadly neglected.
  • InspectorJappInspectorJapp Canada Investigator
    @Madame_Doyle Thanks for the advice ! i assure you that i am just a fan who wants to share his passion with others. For now, there's only 2 peoples in the group :) it's a small one ! i will take care to not accept those that can be wrong. I'm not on this forum to make marketing, but to chat about Agatha Christie! Have a nice day :)  
  • Madame_DoyleMadame_Doyle USA ✭✭✭
    I understand and wish you good luck with your FB page.  I just wanted to let you know that there are some troublemaking "fans" who are populating Agatha Christie pages on FB, so be on your guard that the profiles don't look fake.  I was able to report and have removed some of the fake profiles, but obviously these people just make new ones.  My concern is for the underage readers who join the groups, but it's out of my control.  

    I am not suggesting that your group is of the same ilk as these others, but Agatha Christie groups seem to be targeted for trolls, so they are likely to find your group soon on their own.

    The safest place in my opinion for Agatha Christie fans on FB is the official page there, but it's not well run and I suspect the same group is in charge of both it and this official website.  I came here hoping for a better experience, but it doesn't seem like this site is meeting the hopes or expectations of the readers.
  • The safest place in my opinion for Agatha Christie fans on FB is the official page there, but it's not well run and I suspect the same group is in charge of both it and this official website.  I came here hoping for a better experience, but it doesn't seem like this site is meeting the hopes or expectations of the readers.
    Do you plan on leaving? I thought about leaving but the fact that there are just a few members still contributing to the forum, that is what makes me stay. I too wish the forum ran better and it seems as if it's running on fumes, closing to fading out. I hope this isn't the case. 

    “People in the dark are quite different, aren’t they?”  ― A Murder Is Announced 
  • InspectorJappInspectorJapp Canada Investigator
    edited June 2016
    First, sorry for the quality of my English :) There are not many groups on Facebook about Agatha, I think. The official group is good but I think we can go further and address other aspects. On differents angles and people personnal point of view. I'm curious about people experience, how they fell about . There's so much to say! I hope to speak adaptations, books, tv series, characters, films inspired by his work, games, exhibitions, etc. I am open to all!
  • Madame_DoyleMadame_Doyle USA ✭✭✭
    @ChristieFanForLife - no, I wasn't planning to quit visiting the site, but I agree with you that it's dying a natural death here.  The participation of the members is vital, but without a more structured discussion forum, to keep things going and suggest some leadership of the group, I can't see that the few regular posters are going to hang around.  I understand your feeling about helping to support the group, but when the people who run it don't seem to have enthusiasm about Agatha Christie, you are hardly obligated to hold up the group.

    You and some other members such as @Griselda and @taliavishay-arbel for example (not to exclude the others who take the time) write exquisitely insightful posts that demonstrate a love for Agatha Christie and impressive familiarity with her works.  It's worth visiting here to read these posts.  It's a shame the moderators ignore them, but they also allow spam to stay up for weeks.

    It's encouraging that readers like @InspectorJapp are willing to take the initiative to start their own groups.  One wishes that the moderators here showed the same spirit.  We get complaints about it being a juggled part-time job.  It shows!
  • InspectorJappInspectorJapp Canada Investigator
    Thanks for the encouragements @Madame_Doyle ! i appreciate it ! it will be a pleasure read your post and chat with you ! I just finished Black Coffee, i really enjoyed it  ! I post something on my group. I starting to think which of her book i'm gonna read next ! 
  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience Madame Doyle. The pit falls you warn against are the very kind I would wish to avoid. I wish your group success, InspectorJapp, and I think that with somebody such as yourself directing discussions, the kind of involvement and steering will be there which are lacking on this forum. You also might have good success drawing attention to articles about Agatha Christie, and articles about plans for making films of her work, and your comments and reflections will be interesting because you are an enthusiast. 
  • InspectorJappInspectorJapp Canada Investigator
    Thank you very much @Griselda for the encouragements! It's very kind of you. Yes ! I'm an Agatha enthusiast ! ...since a couple of years already. Time goes fast...It's more difficult than i first thought to start a facebook group, i mean, to attrack people to share their knowledge or just for curiosity. But it give me the opportunity to transform my passion into something concrete. It's will be a pleasure to chat with you on this forum ! Have a nice day and feel free to join if you want  ;)
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