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  • I love T&T. Recently I was in The Secret Adversary play. I love all mysteries but especially Agatha Christie. I think you should give T&T a chance. A lot of the stories and series that I like started out not very interesting. The ending of The Secret Adversary shocked me. So I think you should read it.
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    Who did you play?
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    I know that Postern Of Fate is a difficult read but I read it just after her autobiography and it is fascinating to see her past bleeding into the story. To be honest, I cannot remember the plot at all just the sense that this was an old lady whose powers were fading but who's memories were all in tact. Seen from that point of view, I found it a charming and terribly nostalgic work.
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    I would start at the beginning, and work your way through.  This way, you "fall in love" with the characters, and want to see what becomes of them, in the future.  I was lucky to accidentally happen-upon the first one, first: which is "The Secret Adversary".  I liked it.  Unlike either Poirot or Marple, the "feel" of the characters is very "whimsical", as commenters have said, above.  I just finished "N or M?" and loved it.  Now onto the next...
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    I agree, I love the T&T Books.

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