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The Fourth Murder - Ted Anderson

TommyTommy Vale of Glamorgan, The, United Kingdom admin

Ted has been murdered, making him the fourth victim of the Mystery Man. That leaves four suspects, but which one is the murderer? And why was Ted Anderson wired up to a clock? Discuss your theories about Ted's murder and the ongoing investigation into the Mystery Man's true identity right here!


  • I got the clue.
  • LL88LL88 Sofiya, Bulgaria ✭✭✭
    Looks like an execution (I am not sure if is translated this way in English - my dictionary confirmed, but I hope it understood what I was asking). That makes me think that he tortured someone in the past, as an MP - who knows, maybe he used this method on some of his enemies.
    But having Ted dead and with sure he is dead (his body found with that clock next to it) makes me have no more (new) ideas who can be the Mystery Man and why he is killing these people.

  • jealousy it's suggested now. Did Ted Anderson had an affair? 
    Did he killed the husband or he was the husband?
    Obviously it's about revenge, but who's?
  • Time is running out for something ?
  • Got it... thanks anamaria.ciop  ;)
  • The first vision itself was not helpful to me. Couldn't connect it without the above given hint, so thank you
  • LL88LL88 Sofiya, Bulgaria ✭✭✭
    Got it... thanks anamaria.ciop  ;)
    And I thank you. :)

  • MariaMaria Pichincha, Ecuador Investigator
    wht about the cannon? war?
  • AgathasmykidAgathasmykid British Columbia, Canada ✭✭✭

    Relatively easy one for me (finally lol!).  The vision of the cannon helped a lot, as do anamaria's theories.  Since I found this one very early, I think I will go through and explore other areas of the new Agatha Christie website.  I have always been interested in reading about Greenway House... 



  • DollyDazzleDollyDazzle Investigator
    Evening All. Been a busy day so just catching up. I must admit I don't get this one so far HELP PLEASE!
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