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If there was to be a new big screen film version of one of her books, which one?

We have seen a great many AC dramas on tv, and a few on film, but which books should have the glory of major film?  


  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    Actually, I think that Dead Man's Folly is underrated. There are a lot of themes in there, such as the decline of the old ways, when big families had large households, but looked after their servants (so the story goes) and kept a small community of fishermen, and farmers, etc in work. The war made wages too dear, as workers aspired to more pay and independence in shops and factories. Families couldn't keep on the houses, and they were sold to be hotels or schools, and the old paternalistic community failed, or so some say it did. You could get in some Downton Abbey style Upstairs Downstairs commentary and action there, and put in some country hunt scenes (not with animals being killed, of course) . You'd have the youth hostellers being the new order - brash and bold.Think of the great doyennes of cinema, a handful of wonderful character actors we have, who could play old Mrs Foliat desperately clinging on to the old ways. Wasn't the house based on Christie's own abode in Devon? The big screen film could be shot at her house, and all the biographical notes from her autobiography gleaned to make the shots show how she felt and thought about the place. What an interesting character is Mrs Foliat, not bad, but flawed: an interesting contrast to some of the cruder characters in other Christie novels. Then there is Hattie (I won't elaborate on her two-faced character). What a colourful character to bring dialogue and mannerisms to life, and to suggest great appeal, beauty and cunning. The other suspects and party goers could be given as roles to other great actors. The one whose wife is having an affair - Hugh Laurie, perhaps. Humour could be introduced. A really great part could be made of the Squire - real acting; lots of flashback scenes too, to give us a chance to guess. The villagers could be beefed up, and more detail and scenes given to showing their lives and ways: the ferryman, and his family - how they talked and lived and loved, and what an English village was like. You could have scenes overseas where Hattie and her cousin came from; the sea and river and yacht would make nice scenes. You could really get someone to play Ariadne Oliver well, and take comments and evidence of who she is from other novels and use this to build her up. The relationship between Ariadne and Poirot could be explored. Could they be......lovers ... on the quiet ......hiding it from Miss Lemon......who knows, why not?
  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    You could do the whole film, around the Mrs Foliat character, showing her sense of family, her disappointments, etc; her love, her sense of duty. It is all there, and the locations - the old boathouse - nice and picturesque, and creepy.

    The more obvious one they'd do is Five Little Pigs. Deep and grand. I'd be most surprised if anyone would touch Death on the Nile, as, though a long and extremely complex Christie, it has been done twice on the big screen, and,I think (?) little, quite brilliantly.
  • I like the idea of Dead man's folly. I'd like to see a movie of crooked house - but the end is so shocking I don't think it will be done.
  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    I think with Crooked House, they could make some changes, as I previously suggested: SPOILER ALERT, Nanny poisoning before rock-and-stable-door incident, and rock-and-stable-door incident more injurious than intended, so she dies.... and then the diary is discovered later - only after tutor and second wife have been accused and jailed pending trial. You couldn't have the car accident  alluded to, and wreckage shown, in a film, because it would be too shocking to have an adult taking the law into their own hands in such a way. But the rock incident being fatal would highlight the silliness, youth and vulnerability of the conceited child, and make it all seem a senseless tragedy rather than about evil. Also, the directors could indicate that neglect on the part of the parents was to blame for the crime, and in presenting the parents they could play up the narcissistic self-preoccupation of the couple, getting in a nice unstated allusion to the dangers of celebrity  culture in general, and the vanity of elements of our modern me-orientated society,( as evidenced by the press's preoccupation with minor actors and celebrities flaunting themselves in states of dress and undress, and many sections of our modern society posting selfies on social media).You could do a modern take on the crime, blaming everyone but the murderer: although this wouldn't be quite true to the spirit of the novel, since we know that AC was not averse to calling children bad and undesirable to know.
  • taliavishay-arbeltaliavishay-arbel ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2015
    Griselda , Great ideas! I hope someone will do it! Especially now, when the "affluenza" boy is back in the news, the whole idea of parential responsibility for children who become little horrors is relevent.
  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    Yes, they could really focus on that! I can't remember seeing a tv version of the Crooked House story - can you? Have they ever done Murder is Easy? That is a strange one. I'm not sure it would make a good film. I'll stick with my wish for Dead Man's Folly.
  • There was talk of doing it 4 years ago, but it never materialized.
  • Caz59Caz59 Leicester, United Kingdom Investigator
    I love crooked house - one of my favourites,  and I am sure I have seen a tv adaptation but long time ago - am going to google it else it will bug me
  • If you find it let us know, I'd really like to see it!
  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ✭✭✭✭
    I would like Cards on the table. It's one of her best plots. I would like to watch this marvelous story on big screen. It would be an excellent movie.
    Croocked house would be very good choice too, but I think they would do so many changes that could be very frustrating for a fan to watch.
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