Proper Quarter

AdautoAdauto São Paulo/Brazil Fan
Hi All, "The Secret Adversary" book contends a Tommy and Albert dialog as this: "Could you report this in the proper quarter?". Considering it is not related to financial periodic reports, could any reader clearing up what it is supposed to mean? Tks,


  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    Quarter just means section, I think; in this instance, it is being used as a general term for place. An alternative might be,'Please report this in the proper department.'. I believe it is a case of a word being used generically. A similar example would be a term we have discussed on the forum in one of our discussions on references to toilet and cloakrooms. In certain AC novels a common mid 20th Century term is used as in 'offices'. That side of the building housed the usual offices.' Offices is used to refer generally to a facility.
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