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How do you see The Mysterious Mr Quin's ending story?



  • GriseldaGriselda ✭✭✭✭
    What I mean by the plot is preposterous, is that, I think it is preposterous. Tali only said that there is an "error". Sorry, not trying to put words in your mouth, Tali. It is interesting to have this mistake pointed out because it has made me think that the whole device of the seance is rather flawed for the reasons I give above, that you could not really control what other would do: eg, back out of the seance in fright; see you manipulating the table (even if you are skilled at using your hands); try and make up their own messages for a bit of fun, and thus frustrate your plan. That's why I think the idea only came to Burnaby to move the table during the seance itself.
  • I definitely like your analysis, Griselda
  • MastersMasters Lowlands Investigator
    After some off topic postings...
    Harlequins Lane was not meant as the ending! There are at least three clues that indicate the event took place earlier. <SPOILER> And not even in this world, but in a shadowland. In my opinion Harlequin isn't the killer, but the third lad (the shadow lad) who provided the third way... Suicide. Harlequin is Death, or Hades (who had the ability to become invisible with his helmet, I've been told he's sometimes called the advocate of the dead as well). Hermes (his dog in the HarlequinTea Set) was Hades' messenger (also in the HTS)!
  • I didn't think of suicide - I thought of accident. In that sense, Harlequin is the killer, because he is death, and by bringing himself to her (in the dance) he brings her death. Very surrealistic, but that is how I interpreted it.
  • MastersMasters Lowlands Investigator
    edited November 2016

    Can Death be a killer? He offers a a third way...

    "For ten years I have lived with the man I love," said Anna Kharsanova. "Now I am going to the man who for ten years has loved me." - Mr. Satterthwaite said nothing. (...)
    - "I know, my friend, I know. But there is no third way. (...)"

    from Agatha Cristie's Dark Shiela poem
    "But Sheila, dark Sheila, is out upon the moorland,
    She's out upon the moorland, where the heather meets the sky!
    And the lads shall never find her, for there's One walks by her side there .
    A Stranger Lad, a Shadow Lad, who would not be denied there...
    she turned to his calling
    as the shades of the night were falling
    she turned to his calling... and answered to his Cry..."

    Perhaps if he left Anna no other choice, HQ could be seen as a killer. Is he?
    Mr. Quin waited a minute and then said gently: “You can put it that way, if you like.”

    I agree it is surrealistic, but I think she (AC) has put clues in other Quin stories that this event didn't happen in our world (world of the other Quin Stories) but somewhere else in a Parallel Universe or Shadow world.

  • OccisorOccisor England Investigator
    I believe mr. Shatterthwaite loves mr. Quin, and although I know this is unlikely to be true, mr. Quin loves him back. Leave me in my bubble. 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think Mr Quin is Mr Shaitanna's braver self, when Quin dies his courage is zapped into Mr Shaitanna
  • I think Mr Quin is Mr Shaitanna's braver self, when Quin dies his courage is zapped into Mr Shaitanna
    Tommy - did you mean Shaitanna (Cards on the table) or Satterthwaite (The mysterious Mr. Quin)?
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom ✭✭✭✭✭

    Oh Yes, Thank you, I meant Satterthwaite

  • JS88JS88 Peterborough Investigator
    I think Harlequin Lane is about the most beautiful thing Christie wrote. I find it very satisfactory, if you are fire, you cannot become water no matter how much you think you want to. And in the end if it is your nature to burn bright you must burn bright even if you know it will destroy you, and in that destruction is peace. Absolutely fantastic.
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