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Which Was Your First Agatha Christie Book?



  • Ai_SedAi_Sed New Jersey, United States Investigator
    And Then There Were None was my first book. I read it when I was about 9 or 10.  
  • DeanDean United Kingdom Investigator
    The first Agatha Christie book I read was The Mysterious Affair At Styles. I think it's just good if you read in order just in case one of the later books tells you the murderer of one of the previous books
  • maryamalbulushimaryamalbulushi Oman ✭✭✭
    mine was card on the table my brother in law bought it for me as my birthday's gift
    We shall not hunt together again, my friend. Our first hunt was here — and our last ... They were good days. Yes, they have been good days...
  • Mine was And Then There Were None.                                                                 Althroug I watched a few of the TV versions before I began to read her books. My first story was The Secret of Chimneys.image

  • BlueMoonBlueMoon Mandaue, Philippines Investigator
    My first one was The Murder at the Vicarage but I was too young to actually understand it so 2 years later I started reading more of her books
  • SueRainesSueRaines Investigator

    My first book was the ABC murders my Mother was an avid Christie fan and I inherited her library now I am too

  • vazinvazin Shkoder, Albania Investigator
    the first novel i've read was "the mystery of the blue train", i've read in french and my french is not really good, although i'd like it so much
  • BuseBuse Kastamonu, Turkey Investigator
    Murder On The Orient Express. Then I became an addicted.
  • IleneIlene West Bengal, India Investigator
    my first book was ABC Murder!!!!!....loved it!!!!
  • JS88JS88 Peterborough Investigator
    I read Miss Marple novel first, the name I can't recall. It was about a young woman who moves into a house and then begins remembering things that may have been a murder. It was ok, but then a couple of years later my wife picked up the Mysterious Affair at Stiles in a charity shop for me and that was it, I was hooked on Poirot. Only 10 left to read now.
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