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Which Was Your First Agatha Christie Book?



  • My first Christie book was ` And Then There Were None ', the consequences of which was that I was drawn to Agatha Christie novels and I am on a mission to read all her works .
  • @youngmrquin I completely agree with your thoughts!  One thing I say to those who want to know why I love AC so much is that the pleasure in reading her books is not necessarily about solving the crime: It is more that she has the ability to transport you to another world instantly and credibly. Having a puzzle to solve as well is a bonus! As soon as you start reading, you are there. This, I believe, is her art.  As you say @youngmrquin, sometimes in life we really need that! That is why so many of us reach for her books, over and over. I thank her for giving us that escape route in what is sometimes a chaotic and challenging world. No wonder she was so popular during WWII! I know I have drifted off topic a bit here, but to bring it back:  you never forget your first Christie – not necessarily because of the plot, but because of the experience you have whilst reading it J

  • My first one was Sad Cypress. I was 8. I had read all her novels by the time I was 17 and I have been rereading them since.
  • My first "Agatha" was And Then There Were None, and it's still a fave of mine, followed by Why didn't they ask Evans and  Murder on the Orient Express....well and all others :-j
  • MadeleineAMadeleineA New South Wales, Australia Investigator
    My first book was Murder on the Orient Express. I was about 12 or 13 when I read it, I was forced by my mum. However, after the first few chapters which were quite boring to my young teenage self, I grew to really enjoy it. 
  • AgusSanchezAgusSanchez Investigator
    My first book was "The Mistery of the Seven Dials" , I read it both in spanish and english and I just knew right away that I would become her fan. After 7 years of searching, I completed the collection, including the books she wrote as Mary Westmacott and the theatre plays. She is fantastic.
  • zsuzsannazsuzsanna Mures, Romania Investigator
    my first novel was AND THEN THERE WERE NONE,and I liked it so much,so when I was 12 I became fan of Aghata s and still I am..I love how she write.Also I like how she describes people and places
  • swarna.meenaaswarna.meenaa Investigator
    death on the nile........finished the last 40 pages in less than 10 mins!!!!!!
  • Karen FKaren F Investigator
    Death in the clouds. Still love the sense of glamour evoked by flying back then.
  • Sharmilee.SSharmilee.S Investigator
    My first book "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd"


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