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Which Was Your First Agatha Christie Book?



  • garsigarsi West Bengal, India Fan
    my first book was mysterious affair at styles. i enjoyed it a lot but to my surprise I found that her other books are even more interesting than it.
  • ”Poirot's Early Cases” . But the first AC novel I read was ”The Mysterious Affair at Styles”. 
  • My first book was 4:50 from Paddington after watching Maragret Rutherford in Murder She Said i wanted to read the book
  • svcodemansvcodeman Pennsylvania, United States Investigator
    My first was The Mysterious Affair of Styles. An instant classic!
  • SerourBSerourB Essex, United Kingdom Investigator
    Death on the nile , I kind of have an obsession with Egypt , so when I found the book on the shelve , I got happy and started reading it
  • iyut.sdgiyut.sdg Investigator
    my first book is Josephine....(ooh i forgot whats the right tittle)
  • StathisZavitsanosStathisZavitsanos Attiki, Greece Investigator
    iyut.sdg said:
    my first book is Josephine....(ooh i forgot whats the right tittle) Do you live in indonesia? Do you mean The Josefine Diary? It is known as Crooked House. 
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  • My first Agatha Christie book was 'The Man in the Brown Suit'. I simply loved the excellent blend adventure, suspense, romance and humour . The characters were so vibrant , the descriptions so vivid. I envied the heroine's life and was thrilled with the storyline. The youthful , fervent enjoyment of this book is still there and I always read it during long and lazy holidays.
  • I have been a fan since I read my first Christie at age 11. It was 4:50 from Paddington, purchased through a school book club magazine. I was intrigued by the cover depicting a red-fingernailed hand, gripped by a man's hand, sliding down the carriage wall, unable to pull the emergency chain.  That book is still one of my favourites; I have since procured a first edition copy with book jacket intact (from a second hand bookstall!). 

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