Prologue and Title Announced



  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    You're welcome!
  • JaneCJaneC Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Fan
    Dear Agatha Christie community,

    I've just downloaded the Pdf of 'Murder in a Green and Pleasant Land' and I'm enjoying the writing, which I am interpreting as an elegant and slightly humourous homage to the Queen of Crime. Very well done!

    I'm wondering if another competition is on the cards? It seems as though there are quite a few of us fans out there who would enjoy the focus of writing for a 'publication' (albeit a non-commercial one). The competition, sanctioned by Agatha Christie Ltd. does allow for the use of Agatha Christie's characters, and therefore an outlet for our writing inspired by her work. I suppose I'm just wondering where the outlets would be for work which includes Agatha Christie's characters, without running into copy write issues.

    Any ideas?

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