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Hickson Vs all the other Jane Marples



  • stephenstephen London, United Kingdom Investigator
    I absolutely hated Geraldine McEwan in the role of Miss Marple, I know that a lot was due to the so called adaptions, however, it was obvious that she herself did very little (if any) research on Miss Marple. The only adaptation I did enjoy was Murder at the Vicarage, but certainly not with her in the role as Miss Marple. If I had to choose a second it would be The Moving Finger.  Though even these two versions fall way below the Joan Hickson films; in my opinion there has never been nor ever will be an actress to surpass the wonderful Joan Hickson - she really made Miss Marple her own. So to make a list of the Miss Marple portrayals in order from best to worst in my opinion, it would be:

    1. Joan Hickson
    2. Julia McKenzie
    3. Helen Hayes
    4. Angela Lansbury (apart from that scene seeing her smoking)
    5. Margaret Rutherford

    and lastly, and by all means least

    6. Geraldine McEwan

    I know also that Gracie Fields once portrayed Miss Marple, but I have not seen that so I cannot comment, but had I, I'd likely rate her second to last. 

    In in conclussion, Joan Hickson will always be Miss Marple to me, just as David Suchet will always be Poirot. 
  • JS88JS88 Peterborough Investigator
    As mentioned earlier in this discussion, June Whitfield is great in the radio plays, she really should have had a chance to do it on screen, although, as also mentioned by others, perhaps not with the ITV crew responsible for the last few TV versions, which in my view where ok but, lacking.
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom ✭✭✭✭✭
    I agree totally, I can visualise her and see she would be excellent, she might have done The 13 Problems too, I wonder who would play the other parts like The Bantry's, Sir Henry, The Clements, Bunch and Julian and the West's?
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