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September 2013's Book of the Month: The Mysterious Affair at Styles

adminadmin Cuanza Norte, Angola admin
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This is the book that started it all. Rejected by five publishers, but loved by millions, this is Poirot and Christie’s debut.

Welcome to murder, of course, and a grand country house. Meet Poirot. Meet Hastings. Meet Christie.

Post your questions for the rest of the group.


  • speedbird451speedbird451 Hackney, United Kingdom Fan
    Love the idea of a book of the month.  I'm hunting out my copy and look forward to discussing.
  • edited September 2013
    It's a great idea to go back to this wonderful novel! Looking forward to discussing it, and reading what other people think of it.
  • JoJoJoJo Pennsylvania, United States Fan
    My copy is right on the shelf with all my other Agatha's. Looking forward to revisiting it and seeing what others think. Great choice and I am excited to be part of this group! Thanks for the opportunity! Jana
  • LucilleLucille Ontario, Canada Investigator
    It's already September 12 and I don't see any comments on the book.  Is the discussion being held somewhere else or perhaps it's just that no one has commented on the book yet. I'm new here and I need some feedback as to how one goes about commenting on a book.  This is my first time with a book club.
  • TuppenceTuppence City of London, United Kingdom admin
    Hi Lucille, just post your comments and questions here for everyone to answer them. How far are you into the book? I've been thinking about the period setting and can't quite imagine it being set at any other time. What do you think?
    Any questions? Please email [email protected]
  • LucilleLucille Ontario, Canada Investigator
    Hi Tuppence! I love your chosen name! I have not started reading the book yet. I will pick it up at the library or purchase it this weekend. I can't wait to be part of the discussion.

  • AmelieGrenierAmelieGrenier Ile-de-France, France Fan
    I began to reread it ( I read it like 20 years ago) and I was amazed to see that AG made all the characteristics of Poirot that we know from her very first novel; she never changed him a bit, except in the Curtain in which he seems older.
  • StuartBarnettStuartBarnett Connecticut, United States Investigator
    In this novel, Poirot is not entirely solidified into the character we know. There's one odd moment where he skips away like some demented leprechaun. Something hard to imagine the mature Poirot doing. That being said, it is remarkable that this is a "beginners" novel. The characters are vivid and the daring of the double bluff--all the makings of a confident and assured novelist at the outset. 
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    I didn't notice until I read John Curran's book that Hastings isn't identified as "Captain Arthur" in this novel at all!
  • I really like this novel, especially the scientific explanation of the poisoning. Agatha came to that idea while in VAD, didn't she?
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