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Brand New Agatha Christie Adaptations

TuppenceTuppence City of London, United Kingdom admin
It was recently announced that Agatha Christie Ltd and Acorn Productions Ltd are developing two new Agatha Christie adaptations for the BBC. And Then There Were None and Partners in Crime, to star David Walliams as Tommy. Read the full news article here: http://www.agathachristie.com/news/article/new-tv-adaptations

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  • Sounds great but hopefully they make it Australia!
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom ✭✭✭✭✭
    This sound exciting I wonder who will be in ATTWN and who will play Tuppence and Albert (If they are being Portrayed)
  • MademoiselleMarpleMademoiselleMarple New Zealand Investigator
    And Then There Were None is absolutely fascinating and the first Christie book that kept me awake at night (scared to sleep :) ). I can't wait to see a modern adaptation!
  • TuppenceTuppence City of London, United Kingdom admin
    The actor playing Tuppence has yet to be announced, but she will be in the new series.
    Any questions? Please email [email protected]
  • ZeddieZeddie Ballymoney, United Kingdom Investigator
    This is such exciting news! I have been longing for new adaptations of both ATTWN & T&T for years now but I have one complaint, I really can't picture David Walliams as Tommy Beresford at all!! For one, I feel he is too old for this role and not nearly suave enough.
    I dont have anything against Mr Walliams as an actor but James Warwick's portrayal of Tommy was so loveable and cheeky (and handsome I might add) that I am finding it very difficult to picture David playing one of my favourite Agatha Christie characters.
    It makes me anxious to think who will be chosen to play Tuppence!
    Also, I know it is a 6 part series, but has it been announced what these 6 adaptations will be?
  • TuppenceTuppence City of London, United Kingdom admin
    @Zeddie The adaptations are going to be from the novels The Secret Adversary and N or M? Should be very interesting.
    Any questions? Please email [email protected]
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom ✭✭✭✭✭

    I thought they were going to be imaginings, I can't see David Walliams as Tommy either, Albert maybe at a push

  • Marian CoakleyMarian Coakley Investigator
    I'm always delighted to hear about new Christie adaptations BUT for me there is only one Tommy & Tuppence and that is James Warwick & Francesca Annis. I know that they are too old to play the young T & T but I would love to see them in an adaptation of Postern of Fate and By the Pricking of my Thumbs. I cannot see David Walliams as a young Tommy either. As for Tuppence, ??
  • ZeddieZeddie Ballymoney, United Kingdom Investigator
    Dont get me wrong, I am really excited about the upcoming adaptations, especially the Partners in crime series but I am so so disappointed in the choice of David Walliams as Tommy. I know it is only my opinion, but I really dont see how anyone could think that he is suitable for the role.
    I have been reading Tommy & Tuppence books for about 15 years and only started watching the James Warwick & Francesca Annis adaptations a few years ago but their portrayals of these characters are exactly how i imagined them to be when I began reading them as a teenager.  This is why I am now worried about who will be cast to play Tuppence as I do not agree with the choice of Tommy at all!!!
    On a positive note, I cant wait to find out more details about the ATTWN adaptation as I really love the book but I am not really a fan of the film so I am excited to see a new version of this. I just hope the person who is responsible for casting in the T&T series, is not in charge of casting in this too!
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States mod
    Wait... Secret Adversary  and N or M?  Does that mean that there won't be a twenty-year "gap" in the chronology of the stories?  Would T&T investigate N or M? without their children in the background?  I wonder if Secret Adversary will be moved to the 1940's or N or M? moved up to the 1920's?
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