Most Underrated Christie Book?

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For me, Crooked House is often overlooked by people trying to compile a list of their best Agatha Christie books. Which novels of hers do you think do not receive the credit they deserve?


  • I haven't read that one yet Lachy so will try it soon. ;)

    For me, By the Pricking of My Thumbs is not given half the attention it deserves. It is a Tommy and Tuppence (in their twilight years) tour de force and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. The denouement had me on the edge of my seat. It was the first T&T I ever read and made me want to seek out more, rather than just going for Poirot and Marple. Try it and see for yourself!
  • I think that her short stories are the most underated. Most of the Poirot, Marple, Mr Quin and Non series stories are as good as the full length books. 

    In the full length books I think Sad Cypress, it has such a clever twist and really engaging character. 

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    I think The Sittaford Mystery is Underrated, ITV Murdered it I think The Clocks is also Underrated, both are Excellent IMHO
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    I think that Destination unknown and They came to Baghdad are not rated highly enough. Especially  They Came to Baghdad is underrated. When reading it gave me the opportunity to feel how Baghdad is. Don't you think?
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    No, I Found Them both good in parts and were Great Capers but there were too many parts in which both books Dragged, both books needed a Recurring Character, they were weak without strong Characters. 
  • I can't speak for Destination Unknown, but I really didn't think they came to Baghdad needed a recurring character. I think Victoria Jones created a lively and interesting story. Besides what recurring character would you suggest Tommy? It certainly isn't a Poirot or Marple. The only thing I wish was that I wasn't able to guess the end. 
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    Although I don't like Him it would have been a Good book to have Colonel Race in, and Destination Unknown or replace Victoria with Ann or put Victoria in They Came To Baghdad and Destination Unknown.
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    4:50 from Paddington rarely gets a mention. It is one of her classic works . IMHO one of the best Miss Marple book & deserves greater attention than it gets.
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    It was the First Miss Marple book I read, I have just finished it, I like ALL The Adaptations, even Murder She Said but there again I think The Rutherfords are better than most of the ITV Marples and not worse than any IMHO
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    Do you think it possible for a Corpse to be buried in a sarcofogus in someone's outbuilding and them not know?, you could only do that with a biggish family, the fact somany people knew of the buildings existence made me think too, but I am happy to ignore these things as The book is so great and it gave me a serene feeling while reading it, you don't get that with all the Marple's well I don't, only 4 to be honest, Paddington, Vicarage, Announced, and Sleeping Murder. 
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