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Evil under the Sun

Bodies, all lying down like that in a butcher's shop, similar bodies under the sun. One day a body found lying down, dead!. No one believed( reader's perspective) in the superstitious witch-craft, but the child Linda Marshall and the clergyman. Could that be "the cause". Could it be Rosamund Darnley, Kenneth's long ago sweet-heart, or Kenneth himself. The little jig saw puzzle, with scissors, candle blob, burnt-cardboard,
all put in their right places by Poirot's little gray cells.
Mr. Gardener will tell you, this was indeed one of the best AC's novel. ;)  



  • I liked the way Arlene was seen by most people as a femme fatale and a predator, and finally perceived as a victim - SPOILER not just of the murder, but of tricking her and cheating her out of her savings. I once knew a woman like that, in University - she was super sexy and attracted every man around, but no man took her seriously, and men used and dumped her. All she really wanted was to find a man who would love her and settle down and have children. but men who wanted that didn't come near her because of her sexy way of dressing and behavior. I didn't see her afterwards - I hope she did have a happy conclusion. 
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