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Character Afterlife

JS88JS88 Peterborough Investigator

I wonder if anyone thinks about the life of the characters (not Poirot or any of the re occurring ones) once the novel closes. I first started thinking about this because of the end of Taken at the Flood (great story, abysmal end IMHO). I see Lynn Marchmont's marriage to the awful Rowley becoming rapidly controlling and abusive, until after a couple of decades of hell he finally
kills her in a rage but gets off lightly due to a misogynistic legal system.

Then there is the wonderfully disolute George from After the Funeral. Obviously he speeds through his inheritance, and by the early sixties decides to manage a four piece beat combo, absconding with the profits of their first pop hit.

Not to forget Jane Grey from Death in the Clouds. She goes off with the handsome young archaeologist and lives a very happy life, probably writing a load of extremely popular murder mystery novels.

Does anyone else do this, or have I got too much empty time on my hands?


  • JS88JS88 Peterborough Investigator
    Obviously too much time on my hands. ;)
  • No! I love this! And I often think about it. For example in "Ordeal by Innocence", how will the three couples get along? I'm betting on the Mr. Argyle and Gwenda, I think Tina and Mike have a good chance - probably she'll manage his moods, but I'm not sure Hester and Mr. Calgary will make it. What with her insecurities and dramatization, he may find himself in a storm.
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