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PTAH-FOOEY! (Spoiler Alert)


 I've read that play when I was a little kid and absolutely became engrossed and drawn to the characters of Egyptian mythology.

 I would love to see a production of this play. Oh, dear, me- and it was not impossible to stage Verdi's opera, AÏDA; so I don't know why I've read somewhere that Agatha Christie's play, AKHNATON, could not be staged because it had too many scenes. Whatever! 

 (You know honestly, I would like to make this play into a cartoon MOVIE; but instead of human characters, I'd like to see maybe little bugs, or little grey cells, scarabs, or beetles or maybe snakes as characters.) 

 Also, I suspect that the character PTAHMOSE (who showed up when the old queen TYI died in shock) was Agatha Christie's comic relief interpretation of- you know him very well as- POIROT!

Haha. LOL.

It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

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