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Poirot visits a seamstress

Does anyone remember if there was a story where Poirot notices the stitching on his shirt is different and goes to visit the seamstress in the factory to see what has happened? I remember a vague recollection but I may be wrong. Please help. Thank you.


  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator
    What utter madness! Driven by perfection, poor little M. Poirot desperately goes about looking for a mystery. Detectives, you better come up with some clues because I'm stumped and I've come across all my Agatha Christie novels and now fell like the Underdog. 

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • MirandaMiranda England Investigator
    I've read all of the Poirot's and it's not in any of the books.  
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