Labours of Hercules music question

Hello Poirot fans ~ I am thrilled to have found this website.  I have recently enjoyed watching the Labours of Hercules and I have a question about the music.  In the scene where Poirot, the Countess, and Alice are playing cards the dog Binkey is howling.  Binkey is howling because Dr. Lutz starts playing the piano.  I love the classical piano piece he is playing but the song is not listed in the credits.  Does anyone know the name of this piece?  I would love to buy a copy and learn to play it.  Thank you so much for your time!  


  • I tracked the movie on youtube and found the passage, but I didn't recognize the music. (I don't know every classic piece ever written, but I did get a B.A. in musicology, so this piece is probably not well known). If anyone else can try to recognize it, it starts around minute 34 in the movie.
  • IzzyIzzy UK Fan
    Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No 2. ;)
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