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Guess the Quote



  • "I am more English when I write than when I speak."
  • HerculeAndAchilleHerculeAndAchille Harrogate, England ✭✭✭
    Is this Poirot again?
  • Is it a woman?
  • It is Poirot. In which novel does he say this quotation?
  • HerculeAndAchilleHerculeAndAchille Harrogate, England ✭✭✭
    Is it from Peril at End House?
  • Correct! It is Poirot from Peril at End House. Your turn HerculeAndAchille.
  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator
    Oooh! Let's guess what an old book quote in with so many words amongst so many more other words could be! Here's one, are you ready?!

    "One does not want a scandal, but really, in the circumstances-"
    well, what of it? This is gonna be so uproarious, after all. 

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • HerculeAndAchilleHerculeAndAchille Harrogate, England ✭✭✭
    Hi PoirotBabosaGalaxy,
    Thank you for suggesting a quote when there was a lull in the group. That quote, I believe, is from Death Comes as the End, and is said by Imhotep.
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