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The Little Grey Cells Called Poirot



  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator

     Poirot and Inspector Japp had searched through the passengers' luggage including Ratchett's. Poirot had made a note on his list of each passenger with surprising objects they obtained. Somehow those items of which had perfectly matched up with that previous list he had. Poirot used his tool, a magnifying glass; Guarda-Loopa; as he called it to examine some of the objects in each suitcase.

                In Miss Lemon's suitcase, Poirot noted that besides an empty clue bottle, there was a piece of white string, a pink bracelet and a bottle of pink nail polish. With his magnifying glass, Poirot searched for any grains of salt inside the empty bottle.

                “Well,” Japp laughed, “that’s funny.”

                "Nothing!" Poirot exclaimed as he had found not a trace of salt.

                In Phil's suitcase, Poirot unpacked a gorgeous ring with a huge white gem and a pair of white socks that dispersed a bunch of dolorufen clues. Poirot used the magnifying glass to closely examine each one of the white round clues found in Phil’s suitcase.  Poirot inspected each clue, one by one, finding that that each clue was only dilute.

                “Just in case, eh?” Japp joked.

                “That old dirty sock,” Poirot joked too.

                In Marlinka's suitcase, Poirot was surprised by its contents: a black castle chess piece, a flat SLITHERIUM battery, some kind of radio gadget with an antenna, two blank domino pieces and a credit card with a large quantity of printed numbers. Could have the card found in Marlinka’s suitcase been the information copied from the computer disc? Poirot wondered.

                “Marlinka is really strange,” Japp commented, “isn’t she?”

                “Yes,” Poirot noted, “and very suspicious…”

                Poirot had really thought of these possible ideas. Poirot would have let nothing pass him by. Poirot was all too clever for all that.

                In Babosa's suitcase, Poirot saw a metal tube of lipstick, a dried-up leaf, a packet of seeds and an empty nail polish bottle. Poirot used Guarda-Loopa to inspect the empty flask and found not a single trace of salt.

                “Well there!” Japp exclaimed.  

                "Nothing!" Poirot said.

                Poirot was hoping to find any traces of grains of salt but there was nothing, the flask was empty and so was the bottle in Miss Lemon's suitcase.

                In Miss Ratchett's suitcase, Poirot was shocked to find a white sharp triangular horned mask with three eye socket openings and a little space plane toy.

                “Interesting…” Japp laughed.

                “You have got something to hide, inspector?”

                “And what about your suitcase?” Inspector Japp impeded.

                In Poirot's suitcase, Poirot looked at a card board map of Slugypt, a pyramid paper weight and a strange bone key...

                In Inspector Japp's suitcase, besides a large quantity of gems, Poirot only noted five pages of blue prints for building of a space station shaped like a giant space golf ball. Could have the blueprints found in Japp's suitcase be the secret plans to reload G.L.O.B.E. systems in the construction of a giant space golf ball?

                “Well, well…” Poirot said.

                “It’s none of your business!” Japp proclaimed.


                In Colonel Race's suitcase, Poirot had found a pair of sunglasses, five space golf balls and a white and black checkered flag with the number seventy-three depicted.

                So, Poirot had expected to find either the salt, a star speck clue or a computer disc in any of the suitcases he had just searched. Then there was the question of doubt. Marlinka might have destroyed the computer disc. And Poirot found it possible to believe that Japp might have given Miss Lemon the disc. Miss Lemon would have liked the disc the most. Then Poirot had asked Inspector Japp several very important questions.

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator

               “Was Ms. Ratchett pro-G.L.O.B.E. or anti-G.L.O.B.E.?”

                “Probably pro,” Japp said.

                “Was Ms. Ratchett the conspirator who escaped Mar-Hadon Prison?”

                “I don’t think so…” Japp said.

                “Was Ms. Ratchett really dead?”

                “C’mon, Poirot,” Japp laughed, “really!”

                “Who is X?”

                “That’s something we gotta figure out…” Japp assured Poirot.

                “Who stole the star speck clue?”

                “Miss Lemon said it was X,” Japp said.

                “Who murdered Ms. Ratchett?”


                “Who took the computer disc?”


                “Was it Miss Lemon?” Poirot speculated, “Miss Lemon could be X. Miss Lemon could have only said that the star speck clue was stolen by X. Miss Lemon could have easily shot Miss Ratchett with the salt and taken the disc to reload G.L.O.B.E. systems. Miss Lemon was still on board the space train. If Miss Ratchett was the conspirator, Miss Lemon must have a good motive to murder her…”

                “Hmm… that’s a bit far-fetched, Mister Poirot,” Japp said.

                “Or was it Phil?” Poirot went on, “Phil was still on the space train. Phil was formerly the secretary to Ms. Ratchett. Phil could have easily shot Ms. Ratchett and taken the disc. Phil could have said it was X who stole the computer disc and stolen it himself. But why would have Phil wanted to steal the star speck clue?”

                “Yeah, that’s true but,” Japp said, “what does the star speck clue have anything to do with the murder of Ms. Ratchett?”

                “Good point, inspector!” Poirot said, “or was it Marlinka? Was Marlinka X? Marlinka could have wanted Miss Ratchett out of the way especially if Miss Ratchett had been carrying something to reload G.L.O.B.E. systems with. Maybe Marlinka had found out who Ms. Ratchett really was... Marlinka was installing a satellite above the engineering car precisely when Ms. Ratchett was murdered. It seemed that Marlinka would have nothing to do with the theft of a star speck clue... or would he?”

                “Was it Babosa?” Japp asked.

                “Was Babosa X?” Poirot said.

                “Yes, she might be.”

                Poirot noted Japp’s hostility towards Babosa.

                “Probably,” Japp said, “it was Hastings- and you let him escape!”

                “Was it Hastings?” Poirot wondered, “Hastings could have easily shot Ms. Ratchett. Hastings was right there in the dining car, though. Hastings could have stolen the star speck clue. But why would Hastings want to steal the star speck clue especially since it was he who delivered it to Miss Lemon?”

                “Maybe Hastings was the dark conspirator and Ms. Ratchett found out,” Japp said.

                “Hastings was right there at the scene of crime, Poirot noted, “and Hastings could have wanted Ms. Ratchett out of the way and then stole the disc.”

                There was not enough evidence left behind to tell anything yet. Poirot looked at the tiniest grain of salt off the dead body through the magnifying glass.

                “Where did this salt come from?” Poirot asked again, “who could have gained from the death of Ms. Ratchett? Whoever had stolen the star speck clue must have also murdered Ms. Ratchett and taken the computer disc. X was the culprit. X stole the clue. Where did X obtain the salt?  Where is X? Who is X?”

                Poirot was baffled. 

                Too many questions. But in order to find out who X is, Poirot had to find the truth. Was the star speck clue really stolen? Was the disc really stolen? If all these crimes were correlated then all these questions could be answered when X was found out to be one of the many who Poirot had already suspected: Marlinka.

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator

                Part 3: 

                 A Chilly Investigation

                "Ah! Ah!"

                A chilling, deadly and muffled scream cried out. This time, it was not Miss Lemon. The cry was coming from out of the refrigerator.

                "What a devesting scream!" Marlinka was sarcastic.

                Phil was standing in front of the refrigerator.

                The refrigerator was moving and shaking up and down.

                "Oh! Oh!" Phil uttered in fear.

                Marlinka entered the kitchen to see as Phil was moving away from the refrigerator.

                "Do not even think about it, Phil!"     

                Marlinka stopped Phil from trying to open the refrigerator.

                "Marlinka... there's something inside there."

                "There's nothing in there. It's none of your business."

                "Marlinka... there's something moving inside that refrigerator."

                The refrigerator started to shake vigorously.

                "Ah! Ah! Aha!"

                The muffled cry screamed from inside of the refrigerator.

                "Oh, wretched fate! Let's go!" Marlinka insisted.

                "No, Marlinka," Phil persisted, "I won't leave this room."

                The white refrigerator Phil had noticed has never before moved nor shook like it did.

                "It's fine," Marlinka tried to assure Phil.  

                The refrigerator door then started to rattle.

                "Aha! Aha!"

                The muffled cry was still coming from inside.

                "Oh! Oh!" Phil was even more frightened, "there's something in there..."

                "You've gone out of your mind," Marlinka rejected.

                Then there was knocking coming from inside refrigerator.

                Knock. Knock.

                "Who's there?" Marlinka jokingly asked.

                "Aha! Aha!"   

                The muffled cry still came from inside the refrigerator.

                "Phil," Marlinka kept on, "it's for you. Go! Open it!"

                Could it be true? Did Marlinka actually allow Phil to open the refrigerator?

                "I'm afraid-" Phil said nervously.

                "Open it!" Marlinka commanded, "open it, Phil, it's okay..."

                "Oh, no!" Phil was scared, "I can't!"     

                "You can't because you won't!" Marlinka uttered.

                "Oh!" Phil was terrified.

                The refrigerator knocked.

                The refrigerator rocked back and forth.

                The refrigerator rattled and moved closer and closer to Phil.

                "I will open it, then," Marlinka finally said, "so you can see there's nothing in there!"

                Marlinka opened the refrigerator.

                "I'm going to hide."

                Phil hid under a table.

                A chilly steamy gust of icy breath came from out the refrigerator.

                Out comes frozen Poirot in an ice cube; his moustaches still intact within.

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator

        "Aha! Miss Marlinka!"

                Poirot slid out and said:

              "I want my hamburger!"

                Poirot glared through the ice at Marlinka.    

                Marlinka said and looked at Phil, "Phil, won't you get Mister Poirot here a hamburger?"

                The refrigerator door stayed opened letting a chilly air withdraw from inside.

                "Oh!" Phil was shaking, "Oh, Marlinka, we are all out of hamburgers here."

                "Ha!" Marlinka laughed as he looked at Poirot.

                Poirot grumbled icily, "I have come for other grave and important matters and has caused me to be here..."

                "I'm getting so cold," Phil complained, "it's cold in here. I'm going to get a fever."

                Marlinka looked at the Poirot ice cube popsicle.

                "Well," Marlinka stared blankly, "what do you want?"

                "Listen!" Poirot icily said, "I will tell you. My time is short."

                "Tell me," Marlinka dared.

                "It's so cold..." Phil continued to shiver.

                "Well," Poirot icily stared at Marlinka through the ice cube, "You think you may have outwitted me, Miss Marlinka, but answer me: will you have a hamburger with me?"

                Phil must have realized something Marlinka probably had not.

                "Oh, my-!" Phil shook, "you must excuse him, Mr. Poirot, Marlinka never seems to have any time for anyone. How did you get in there frozen, anyway, sir?"

                "Shut up, Phil," Marlinka glared.

                "Make up your mind, Miss Marlinka," Poirot forced.  

                "I've made up my mind a long time ago!" Marlinka uttered.

                "You will come, then?" Poirot was slowly melting in the ice cube.

                "I'm not sure what's happening here," Phil was shaking with curiosity, "why is Mister Poirot frozen in ice? Marlinka, did you freeze him?"

                "I’m afraid," Marlinka pretended, "I must have on accident frozen poor Mister Poirot here..."

                "It was deliberate!" Poirot grumbled icily, "Miss Marlinka, have you accepted my invitation to a hamburger?"

                "Sure..." Marlinka smirked.

                "Look me in the eyes, Miss Marlinka, and tell me you will," Poirot demanded.

                Marlinka looked closely into the ice cube to see Poirot's enormous moustaches frozen.    

                "There!" Marlinka said and had not wanted to look at Poirot's eyes.

                "Closer..." Poirot grumbled.

                Marlinka got so close that her border frame spectacles stuck to the ice. Marlinka attempted to pull herself away and as she does the spectacles stay attached frozen unto the ice cube.

                "What's the matter, Miss Marlinka?" Poirot asked icily.

                "All of the sudden I am cold..." AceMarlinka felt, "I'm freezing. Oh, my glasses!"

                Marlinka noticed her glasses stuck onto the ice cube.

                "Reveal yourself!" Poirot started to melt, "this is your last chance!"  

                "No! No!" Marlinka was furious. "Give me back my glasses!"

                "Reveal yourself, Miss Marlinka!"

                "No!" Marlinka was even more furious, "I won't!"

                "Yes, you will!" Poirot called out.


                "Yes, you will!"


                "Yes! yes!" it was Phil this time.

                "No! No!" Marlinka saw Phil.

                "Aha!" Poirot icily cried, "this was your last chance!"

                The ice cube was melting completely to reveal Poirot's moustaches.

                "What strange images I see," Marlinka was half blind, "Where are my glasses?"  

                Poirot moved closer and closer to Marlinka. "Now, Miss Marlinka, you see all of the truth in your slight blindness." 

                "Who are you?" Marlinka looked, "Who torments me?" 

                Poirot said, "I am Poirot. I have detected you!"

                "He has discovered you, Marlinka," Phil stated, "the truth is here!"

                "Give me back my glasses!" Marlinka protested, "Get away! Leave me alone!"

                "You will never be alone, Miss Marlinka," Poirot said, "tell me the truth. You don't know what chaos is, Miss Marlinka!" Poirot said, "tell me the truth!"

                "Get away from me!" Marlinka shouted, "get away from you, you stranger!"

                "Did you steal the computer disc?" Poirot defied, "did you, Miss Marlinka, did you? Did you? Did you?"

                "Ah!" Marlinka screamed. "No! it wasn't me!"

                Poirot looked away and left the kitchen.

                That was the end of the refrigeration interrogation.

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale Investigator
    Thanks for having read just an excerpt of a one of kind twist on an original story. I know I left a lot of room for discussion about things mentioned but however Please leave comments- thank you. I will be posting later a continuation of this story set on a desert island with only 10 little grey cells characters playing a murder mystery game. 

    It's about time you start believing that the little grey cells exist...

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